WCCC Gymnasium

This space has a standing capacity of 500 and holds within it:

  •  a 532 sq.ft. stage (28’ X 19’) with mobile stage steps & red velvet   curtains

  •  four available bleachers and five basketball hoops

  •  motion-censored lighting

  •  a large red screen available to divide the gym at half-court

  •  entrance/exit directly to parking lot

  • restrooms

  • WiFi

Our gym is ready to go for any fitness class or sports event but has also accommodated everything from community fairs to dance / theatre events!


This is our most-sought-after space, so please call for current availability. (Saturdays are the most-available.) 

Under Phase 3 state COVID guidelines, all indoor events are allowed at 50% capacity: 250 individuals. (This includes sports competitions and tournaments within the size of this particular gym.)