The West Central Community Center serves as a beacon of hope for those who seek the life-enriching services we are priviledged to provide. Our doors are open to anyone in need of assistance, even if the need is a reprieve from the summer heat or the winter cold. We are able to serve this community because of the generosity of many funding partners, including numerous individual donors. However, the need for funding is ongoing and we invite you to invest in the health of our community by investing in our Center. 

Supportive Services

Pays for a full day in LSC for one participant


Pays for a field trip to bowling


Pays for a month of Men's coffee time/Ladies Tea Party


Pays for the clients to have 3 months of birthday parties for attending participants


Pays for 14 participants to go create at Polka-Dot Pottery


Pays for a participant to attend LSC part-time for one month


Pays for vehicle maintenance for the vehicles that take out our participants


 Partially pay for a new vehicle to transport participants in wheelchairs to get them out into the community



Bil Donate to help get a kid in the game. the Billy Harris Youth Sports Scholarship Fund provides underpriviledged children access to sports and sporting equipment so that every child has an opportunity to compete and play. 

Billy Harris


Pays for a snack per child per day


Pays the equipment for a sport


Pays for one year of wrestling registration


Sponsors a kid in a sport activity


Pays for a month of snacks for all kids


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